Jail & Prison Vs Correctional Facility

Prisoners are humans too. Even after they make a mistake or commit a crime, they are allowed to have another chance if they penance, reform & let them come out as a person with a new perspective and possibility. Law and judicial system of each and every country tries to maintain peace and justice in the society and thus the guilty have to be punished.

Punishment and reward is not everything a man deserves. Whether he is a criminal who is being severely punished or a saint who is been rewarded, one should observe love and kindness towards both of them. Person who has done evil deeds in fact require more amount of love and compassion which will help him to heal himself. Eye for an eye will soon turn the world into blind.

There are 99 operational prisons in Pakistan. The present structure of the Prison system in Pakistan can be traced back to British India. Pakistan inherited the Prisons System from the British as a colonial legacy. According to reports approximately 77,275 prisoners are in Pakistani prisons against the authorised capacity of 57,742 prisoners across Pakistan.

Most of us think jail, prison and correctional facility are all the same, and we use them as synonyms. But these are not the same. They have different functions, and they serve as incarceration for different crimes and offences. In Pakistan unfortunately we don’t have correction centers.

The difference between prison and the correctional facility is that prison is to confine the grave crime, and the correctional facility is to rehabilitate the confined criminals. Correctional facility tries to rectify them, and the purpose of prison is to punish a criminal. . The objectivity of correctional facility is to rectify the criminals and rehabilitate them.

Prison gives criminals a chance to reform themselves and go back to the mainstream of society to live a life on the right path, without harming any other fellow beings. As correctional facility and prison are interconnected, prison including many opportunities, like a classroom, library and even a place to pray and worship gods. It includes opportunities that help to keep the prisoners on the path of prosperity and bring about the humane essence in them.

The basic rights of any prisoner include the right to be treated humanely, not suffer cruel and unusual punishment, be free from sexual crimes or harassment, a right of access to the courts, a right to medical care, and a right to not suffer racial discrimination.

Pakistan is in need to correctional center or at least a facilities which can bring a healthy change in the life of prisoners & a chance for them to become a better human as long as they are in prison. If a child ask his mother where is my father? Mother, should reply “your father is in correctional center & will be back soon”.

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